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Phantom Hazer
Ships worldwide.

Oil based haze generator

Extremely fine haze
- far superior to and safer than "cracked oil"

Huge output, longest hang time


Can also produce smoke if required

Very efficient fluid use
- 1 litre of fluid creates
up to 40 hours of haze

Haze hang time = 4 hours +

    Longest Hang Time
    Safest Haze
    Cleanest atmosphere generator

Our Phantom Hazer produces a barely visible atmospheric haze that is perfect for large volume lighting effects in venues including clubs, theatres, TV and film studios, houses of worship and laser tag arenas.

With an industry-leading haze particle size of just 0.2 micron this hazer is truly in a class of its own, and the persistency of the effect is such that a single generator can replace several conventional hazer systems.

The whisper quiet fan fitted to the unit is independently switched, and so the PHANTOM HAZER is equally capable of producing large volume smoke effects.

Smoke chemical consumption at haze output can be as little as 0.2 litres per 8 hours, so running costs compared to conventional hazers are dramatically lower. Hang time of the haze is 4 hours +.

Oil-based haze is much more persistent than conventional water or glycol based haze, and is arguably safer and less toxic than water based haze when you consider approx. 90% less fluid is used to create the same effect).

DMX control available. Available for 230v or 110v power.

Available with fan (PS49, left) or without (PS48, right) with external fan power socket

We ship the Phantom worldwide
- please contact us for a shipping quote.

PS49 Phantom Hazer -
230v or 110v, complete with CO2 cylinder, regulator, 2.5 litres haze oil and 5m remote control
Contact us to order.
As left, but with DMX single channel interface
Contact us to order.
PS48 Phantom -
230v or 110v, As above, but WITHOUT front mounted fan (use your own fan)
Contact us to order.
PS48DMX Phantom -
as left but with DMX single channel interface
Contact us to order.

Haze Fluid

5 litre container
205 litre container
Contact us to order.

Professional hazers to enhance lighting and atmosphere
For professional special effects, nightclubs, theatres, film and television studios,
theme parks, themed environments, and more...

Hazers.co.uk supplies the most reliable and efficient haze generators and hazer fluids with online ordering.

Phantom hazer - the ultimate hazer - finest haze, excellent efficiency, 4+ hour haze hang time. Ultra-safe with a 10 year warranty.
Le Maitre Neutron XS Hazer - An award winning hazer which self-cleans and has very economical fluid consumption.

Le Maitre MVS Hazer - highly controllable hazer with up to double the output of the Neutron.
Reel EFX DF50 hazer - Easy to use oil cracker hazer
Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Hazer - DMX as standard, variable output and haze density.
HZ350 Hazer - Oil cracker type hazer with wireless remote, DMX and on-board timer. Long haze hang time.

Le Maitre Neutron XS Hazer

The new & improved Neutron XS Hazer utilises Le Maitre’s world patented STAR (Sequentially Tracked Automatic Re-Issue) technology to produce consistently pure haze with no oil, no water, no residue and no noise. This compact unit can deliver up to 150 hours of haze from just one 2.5 litre bottle of fluid. Combine this with its minimal power consumption and built in self cleaning mechanism, and you have a top of the range hazer that is low cost as well as low maintenance.


  • Instantaneous high output with no heat up time required.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Whisper quiet and efficient
  • 0-10v output as standard. DMX interface unit optional extra.
  • 50 degree projection from high velocity fan.
  • Equity approved! (the Neutron is included in the Equipment-Based Guidelines for the use of Theatrical Smoke and Haze that has been prepared for Equity League Pension and Health Trust Funds)

Download user manual (PDF)

Mechanical Specifications:

Power Requirements:
220/240v, 50/60Hz, 250w
Length: Width:
28cm 24cm
Height: Weight:
28cm 11kg

Le Maitre MVS Hazer

The Le Maitre MVS Hazer is our best selling water-based hazer for total atmosphere control in your venue.
Exceptional definition of light beams without dense smoke.
The MVS produces a haze that has a far greater hang time persistency than glycol smoke machines and other water based hazers.

The unit has a variable high output haze, twin variable high output haze projection fans and 90 degree electronically moveable haze output direction. It features four channel DMX512, combined control functions and DMX receiver, although all options can be fully controlled from the on-board control panel.
The MVS has a high power air pump and advanced fan motor control for wide range operation.

• Variable high output haze: whisper to 80cc/hr (double existing Neutron).
• Twin variable high output haze projection fans.
• 90 degree electronically variable haze output direction.
• 4 Channel DMX 512.
• 3 digit led display multifunction control panel.
• Combined control functions and DMX receiver.
• Data storage capability.
• Simplified high current control using computer inrush control.
• Higher power air pump.
• Electronic Haze output angle control.

• Advanced fan motor control for wide range operation.
• Higher output controllable haze.
• Larger diameter hazing tube 3.3mm (2.4mm) doubles effective area for increase in working life span, and easier cleaning.
• Arc bonded, shielded and heavier duty thermo-couple sensor.
• External bottle design allows for multiple position use.
• Clip-on bottle carrier for easy transport (optional).

Mechanical Specifications:

Power Requirements:
220/240v, 50/60Hz, 300w
Length: Width:
34cm 16cm
Height: Weight:
34cm 11kg

Available for 230v only


DF-50 Diffusion™ Hazer

The Diffusion™ Hazer is the the #1 hazer in the United States entertainment industry.

Diffusion™ haze is odourless and can only be detected visually - no sore throats, funny smells, or burning eyes.

The DF-50 produces an economical oil based haze with no heat.

Haze hang time is over 3 hours in an enclosed space. No warm up period is required.

Haze fluid is odourless and should leave no residue when used properly. The unit holds 2 litres of fluid, yeilding 35+ hours of run time. The unit weighs 16 kg and comes complete with a 5 year warranty on the compressor.

Available accessories include: remote control, road case, travelling road case, auto timer, auto fill.

Compressor: 5-year parts and labour warranty
All other components: One year parts and labour warranty

Actors Equity Approved  -  CE Approved

The Diffusion Hazer (DF-50) is a patented machine utilising a triple filtered system that breaks down the Diffusion Fluid (food grade mineral oil blend) to a uniform 1 micron sized droplet. These airborne mist levels do not exceed acceptable levels of exposure for health & saftey regulations.

Reel EFX DF-50 Diffusion Hazer -- POA --  Contact us to order
Flightcase also available

5 Litres Diffusion Haze Oil for DF50 Hazer
The standard haze fluid for the DF50.
3.78 Litres Diffusion Non-Oil Haze Fluid for DF50 Hazer
A alternative to the above, this is a non-oil, water-based fluid for the DF50.
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Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Hazer

2 litre container of Unique hazer fluid provided with every unit.

Fluid consumption
At full output, the unit will consume 2 litres of fluid for every 2.5 hours of operation. At 50% output, 2L will last 5 hours, etc. A 2 litre container will give up to 50 hours of continuous output at a very low level.

Minimal warm up time (approx. 60 sec.)
Pump and fan adjustable in 99 steps
Internal fan for quick distribution
DMX as standard, analog (0-10V) and stand-alone running
Internal Timer
Can be controlled via cable remote (optional)
Made in Germany

Power: 1.5kW
Warm up time: 1 minute
Fluid tank capacity: 2 litres
Dimensions: 47cm long x 25cm wide x 25cm high
Weight without fluid: 8.7kg

110v US version available - please contact us to order.



HZ350 Hazer

Our lowest cost oil-cracker type hazer

The HZ-350 is a brand new haze machine with the reliable quality of similar models but also the added LCD display control panel built in the machine. All functions can be controlled easy and simply by just pushing a few buttons. For easy remote operation the HZ-350 comes with wireless (on/off) control included. All functions can also be controlled by DMX.

The hazer produces a fine translucent haze with a very long hang time without requiring temperature controls, hot air or warm-up times during operation. Its internal compressor is extremely powerful, quiet and very efficient. The haze produced is very innocuous and will not cause dry throats.

The HZ350 Hazer is the combination of high haze quality from high capacity, low fluid consumption and quiet operation demanded by modern venues and professionals.

On-board control panel allows timed output with delay/haze times of 5 to 200 seconds.

Power: AC240V, 50 Hz, 350 watts
Output: 2,000 cu. ft/min.
Tank capacity: 2.5 litres
Fluid consumption: 21 hours per litre
Remote included: Wireless remote (50 metre line of sight range)
Air pressure: 30 psi
Liquid: HZL1 / HZL5 only
DMX: On board
Weight: 14.2 kg
Dimensions: 49 x 27 x 31.5cm

Contact us to order.

   HZ350 Haze Fluid
The HZ350 uses a very different type of fluid to other hazers. Make sure you use the correct type!
The fluid below is made by the manufacturer of the HZ350 hazer for safe, reliable peformance in your hazer.

4 x 5 litre bottles Fluid
Bulk-buy and save.


If you require smoke machines please our sister site which also supplies smoke machines.

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Prices exclude VAT.

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Your warranty will be void if you use fluid other than that recommended by the manufacturer of your hazer. E&OE.